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What do you know about Italian tap water quality?

If we would compare the quality of an italian tap water with the values printed on the label of a mineral water bottle what could we understand?

If you want to know the quality about water that "feeds" Italy then you are on the right webplace. will allow you to easily access all informations about italian tap water quality (as given by their respective municipalities, companies, etc).

How to access water quality informations:

Note: This web site is still under construction and even if few panels are in english now most of them have still to be translated in english.

It starts from here or by clicking on the left button "Tap waters". When on next page with a list of all Italian regions, a click on selected Italian region will bring the region main page with its related provinces listed. Select the province of your choice to show listed towns then click on the town name to access the tap water quality information (as given by their respective tap water supply providers).

Note about the provided links: unfortunately, as you'll see, most of the linked websites (web sites of italian tap water providers) are in italian language only. To get information about water quality, you should search for words like: "etichetta dell'acqua" or "qualità dell'acqua" or "analisi qualità".

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